Dan-White-keynoteannouncementHappy New Year everyone!  Now with less than 40 days to go until Digital Kids Conference we’ll be sharing a lot of information with you very quickly.  First off, we announce today that Dan White, Founding Partner and Chief Product Officer, Filament Games will keynote Toys, Learning and Play Summit taking place on February 15th. These days, learning and play are intertwined and companies must step into a child’s comfort zone in order to make a connection and engage with them. The Toys, Learning and Play Summit, sponsored by the the National Center for Families Learning, gives you the insight you to engage children wisely.

Filament Games has developed over seventy learning games and as a result has developed an acute awareness of the challenges involved in producing and commercializing high quality Game-Based Learning (GBL) products. Join Dan White, Chief Product Officer at Filament, for a heartfelt discussion of the learning games movement, wherein he will advocate for a critical aspirational goal and subsequently confront the challenges of commercializing learning games (and cry “uncle”). A side note about Filament: they were the first winners of President Obama’s Video Game STEM initiative. We are extremely excited to have them join us.

Dan’s keynote kicks off an intense half day program where attendees will also hear from experts from Ubisoft, Nickelodeon Group, Roominate, Hopscotch, Tinybop, TROBO the Storytelling Robot, Common Sense Media, Meredith Parents Network, National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) and more.  Check out the full schedule at http://digitalkidscon.com/learning/