Brian Alexander, Director of Data and Analytics, Pearson Education

Brian AlexanderSpeaking On: Toys, Learning, & Play Summit on Feb. 17th

Brian is the father of eight year old homeschooler Presley, and they are using digital media as the foundation of their homeschool curriculum.  From youtube videos by some of the best educators in the world to khan academy to video games, they all become starting points for homeschool lessons that have made Presley both an enthusiastic learner and a very media savvy child.  Brian runs an analytics group for Pearson Education with a focus on online higher education where they do research on effective learning, teaching, and content.  His goal is to help use data and technology to bring the customized learning that goes into homeschooling to the larger education marketplace.  Research and implementation of ideas like adaptive learning and competency based learning as well as e-portfolios that validate lifelong learning are slowly turning these ideas into a reality in many ways.