yummyco-both-speakersWe are pleased to announce our second keynote:  Traci Paige Johnson, the creator of Blues Clues and Caroline Baron, Oscar-nominated film producer (Capote, Monsoon Wedding), now cofounders in children’s media company, Yummico, will take the stage on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 9am to talk Digital First Business Models.

This presentation will break down the strategy of seeding the market with digital content like apps and eBooks first, while waiting until the brand has momentum to expand to multiple platforms and products. They will also discuss how to connect and partner with key strategic partners and why that is a critical part of this ‘digital first’ strategy. Traci and Caroline will provide their insider’s perspective on their creative and business strategies – and what has worked and what hasn’t.

Traci Paige Johnson is the creator of Blues Clues, Nickelodeon’s acclaimed children’s franchise ($1bn merchandising business) known for its pioneering visual style and activity-based pedagogy. Traci also co-created PBS’ hit preschool reading show Super Why!. She oversees Yummico’s creative vision and curriculum.

We’re looking forward to hearing from these two women, both extremely successful in “traditional media”, on how they are now focusing on a “digital first” strategy with Yummico!

Caroline Baron is an Oscar-nominated feature film producer (Capote, Monsoon Wedding) and was also the Associate Producer of the original TV hit series The Wonder Years. Caroline is the Founder of FilmAid International, an aid organization whose mission is to educate and inform through media (www.filmaid.org). She spearheads fundraising at Yummico, as well as overseeing production and writing children’s books.

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