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    Digital Kids Conference features world-class speakers knowledgeable in all aspects of digital engagement, kids and youth. View the conference sessions here.

    Kenneth H. Abbe - Staff Attorney, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission
    Stephanie Azzarone - President, Child's Play Communications
    Ryan Bettencourt - President, Zui.com
    Beth Blecherman - Founder/Editor, Chief Technology Mom (CTM), TechMamas.com
    Jess Brallier - SVP and Publisher, Poptropica and Funbrain, Pearson
    Matthew Brand - Senior Business Development Manager, Badgeville
    Eric Brassard - Chief Executive Officer, Woozworld
    Dr. J. Alison Bryant - Founder and President, PlayScience
    Jon Paul Buchmeyer - VP, Digital Engagement, Metaverse Mod Squad
    James Cahall - Executive Vice President of Technology, Toon Goggles
    Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai - VP of Research, Games and Technology, Interpret LLC
    Linda - Director, Global Community Relations, Sony Online Entertainment
    Lana Castleman - Editor, Kidscreen/iKids
    Kathleen Cella - Director, KIDS, The NPD Group
    Jorian (Jori) Clarke - CEO, Circle 1 Network
    J. Todd Coleman - Vice President and Creative Director, KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
    Anne Collier - Executive Director, Net Family News
    Kate Connally - CEO, Tadami
    Matt Cullen - Marketing Manager, National Football League
    Floris Jan Cuypers - VP of Corporate Development & External Communications, Spil Games
    Hilary DeCesare - CEO and Co-Founder, Everloop
    Bart Decrem - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Disney Mobile
    Allison Dollar - CEO, ITV Alliance
    Sebastien Domingues - Senior Product Manager of ELP, Oregon Scientific
    Matt Doss -
    Stuart Drexler - Board Advisor, Tykoon
    Noemie Dupuy - Partner / VP Business Development & Marketing, Budge Studios
    D. Benjamin Esplin - Senior Associate, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
    Dan Ferguson - VP of Creative Services/Co-Founder, Blockdot
    Robert Ferrari - CEO, Bare Tree Media
    Mark Friedler - President, Worlds and Games LLC
    Marcus Gners - Director of Marketing and Business Development, Stardoll Media
    Michael Gold - Chief Executive Officer, Electrotank
    Anastasia Goodstein - Director of Digital Programs, Reachout.com
    Mike Goslin - GM Rebel Entertainment Company, Rebel Entertainment, an IAC Company
    Josef Hall - Vice President of Development, KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
    Holly M. Hawkins - Director of Global Consumer Policy & Child Safety, AOL
    Amy Henry - Vice President, Youth Insights
    Adam Hildreth - Founder and CEO, Crisp Thinking
    Björn Jeffery - CEO and Founder, Toca Boca
    Dan Klitsner - Co-founder, KID Group LLC
    Nicole Lazzaro - President , XEODesign®, Inc.
    Arseny Lebedev - Managing Director, Signus Labs
    Travis LeBlanc - Special Assistant Attorney General for Technology, State of California
    Timothy Lee - Director of Community Management, Numedeon, Inc. - Creators of Whyville
    Gary Levenberg - Co-founder, KID Group LLC
    Paul J. Levine - Founder & Managing Director, Vector Media
    Ed Lewis - Founder and CEO, Media Chaperone
    Kristopher Lichthart - Manager of Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures
    Nancy MacIntrye - CEO and Founder, Fingerprint
    Michael Maher - Director of Business Development for Enterprise Growth, American Express
    Kelly McKiernan - Senior Digital Strategy Manager, The LEGO Group
    Donna Meir - Owner and Founder, LEMONADE Creative Consulting
    Wanda Meloni - Founder/Senior Analyst, M2 Research
    Hanna Miranda - Managing Director, Atomic Online – an Evolve Media Corp. Company
    Nic Mitham - Founder and CEO, KZero Worldswide SA
    Christine Moore - Senior Director, Content Strategy and Planning, Cartoon Network Digital
    Jay Moore - Founder and CEO, Popzy
    Izzy Neis - Vice President of User Engagement, Fight My Monster
    Michelle Neyland - Online Communities Specialist, U.S. Department of State
    Joby Otero - VP of Art and Technology & Creative Director for Product and Brand, Activision & Skylanders
    Matt Palmer - Chief Strategy Officer, Sweety High
    Joi Podgorny - Director of Community Engagement, Smart Bomb Interactive
    Marty Poulin - Founder and CEO, ShadyLogic
    Amy Pritchard - CEO, Metaverse Mod Squad
    Jennifer M. Puckett - Production Manager, USA, eModeration
    Tiffany Qiang - Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, Taomee Holdings Limited
    Asra Rasheed - CEO, RRKidz
    Morgan Reed - Executive Director, Association for Competitive Technology
    Chris Rettstatt - Director, Digital Content, Highlights for Children
    Tiffany Richison - Premium Account Manager/Moderation Manager, Gazillion Entertainment
    Jason Robar - Founder, Jason Robar Consulting
    Art Roche - Creative Consultant, Peanuts Worldwide
    Dave Rogers - Managing Editor, Yahoo! Kids
    Shai Samet - Founder and President, kidSAFE® Seal Program
    Kiersten Samwell - Community Relations & Social Media Manager, KingsIsle Entertainment (Wizard101)
    Nate Sawatzky - Director of Player Relations, Sleepy Giant Entertainment
    Mark Schlichting - President, NoodleWorks
    Brad Schultz - Head, Moshi TV
    Mike Seamons - Executive Producer, Microsoft Studios
    Woody Sears - Co-Founder, www.iStoryTime.com
    Tonda Bunge Sellers - VP of Conferences, Engage Digital
    Cedric Sellin - Founder and CEO, YogiPlay
    Chris Sherman - CEO, Engage Digital
    Craig Sims - VP Global Licensing, Spin Master Ltd
    Clark Stacey - President and CEO, Smart Bomb Interactive
    Roman Stanek - CEO and Founder, GoodData Corporation
    Scott Steinberg - CEO and Lead Analyst, TechSavvy Global
    Michelle Sullivan - VP Digital, Kids & Family, National Geographic Global Media
    Toper Taylor - Chief Operating Officer and President, Cookie Jar Entertainment
    Scott Traylor - CEO and President, 360KID
    Margaret Wallace - CEO, Playmatics
    Katharine Wang - Policy Analyst, Google
    Matthew Warneford - Chief-Technical-Officer, Dubit
    Dr. Jo Webber - Chairman, CEO and Founder, Virtual Piggy
    Renee Weber - VP, Consumer Strategy and Research, The Marketing Store
    Rich Weil - Vice President of Client Services, Metaverse Mod Squad
    Dan Wilmer - SVP of Digital Media, KIDZBOP
    Daniel Witenberg - SVP of Product Development, Kidzcert
    Jake Witherell - Chief Operating Officer, Schell Games